Trying to use aeros looper with BB and Song with bass+drm. Not happening?

If I can get the bass+drm to sound (I asked for help for this on the BB forum), but the aeros does not start recording after the intro, so I hafta fundango it by stopping recording, erasing, restart recording while singing and playing multiple instruments during song play. There’s gotta be a secret … I’ll pay in blood :).

Hi, unfortunately, I’m not clear on what you were doing or were trying to do, could you give some more details as to how you use the Aeros and how you use the BeatBuddy? Are they connected via MIDI?

Let me know,


Yess connecte midid and fully functional when not using a song with bass instr.

I have loaded on BBM songs with a bass instr part and drumset. When the song plays, the aeros only starts and plays it, everything else does nothing … cannot even stop the song with the aeros …have to use the foot switch plugged into BB.