Tubular Bells

One of the most famous albums of all time is Tubular Bells, and that’s the sort of song that I like to make… ever changing. At the end you have a backing track that plays all of the time, and then a foreground track that plays over it.

1/ Backing track.
2/ Grand Piano
3/ Tubular bells

Ok so what I want to know is that a song part would require the same backing track on all parts… copied over.

Grand Piano would be on Part 2

Tubular Bells would be on Part 3

Can I do that? Can I play a part once, and then copy it to all the other parts, and then play new tracks over each part with a different instrument?

I only got my Aeros today, and am printing out the 3.0 manual right now. So I am just learning.

Pincho Paxton

Wow. Tubular Bells is a masterpiece … and quite a feat to replicate even in the studio. That you are tackling this on a foot operated pedal is impressive.

You will certainly hit the limits of the device and the features that will help you may not be useful for lesser purposes. I suspect a copy to track feature is way down on SS’s list.

My guess is the only way to copy the backing tracks will be via the sd-card on your computer. Not sure if this offline editing works for you or not.

The SD card is not really supported for editing (perhaps in the future and hopefully not via a SS provided app), but you might try the following:

  • Create the N part song with the parts and tracks you want.
    • Some or all the tracks can be placeholders.
    • You’ll want to make sure the lengths are the same (or multiples of each other) if you plan to overlay them. This is easiest if you quantize to the measure.
  • Save the song
  • Put the SD card in your computer and find the folder for your song.
  • Replace/Copy the desired tracks over the placeholders per the naming convention. For stereo tracks there are two files.

This assumes there is no information in the metadata file (forget what they name it) that cares about the content of the song. This metadata is why I suggest you create placeholder tracks.

Good luck figuring this out.

Been reading about the updates that are coming, and one update is Lock Track to next part which is what I need for Tubular Bells.

Any progress on this?

Ive been fooling around with some of the motifs from this song (but not sure I’m ready to jump into the entire score).

Suspect that using a DAW will be a lot more manageable/practical.

I use a DAW after I record some tracks. Currently however I am learning some of the instruments. I am a keyboard player now learning guitar.