Turned Aeros on and several loops I recorded 6 x 6 all end prematurely at the same place

This might not be a bug. It might be my own stupidity. I don’t know. Last night all my tracks I recorded over the weekend sounded blissful. I was so happy.

Been looking forward all day to jump back into it this evening. Finally sit down to boot it up and four out of six of the tracks on part 1 (the only part I have with content) end about six bars early. There is a red reset line that goes down all four tracks (at the same spot, and it plays all the way until the first two tracks end, and then they end again and all six tracks play in sync until it hits that spot again).

I don’t know what happened. I had issues recording the second part with the beat buddy prior to giving up last night. The beat buddy wouldn’t start the second part of the groove and when I’d stomp it it would trigger playback but not record. Then I’d hit it again or hit record and it would record and it would obviously be off sync. And then I’d undo, redo, and it wouldn’t act predictably.

None of this seems normal but maybe I did something in the process of trying to create the second part with the beat buddy. I would just like to be able to recover my work :frowning:

I really want to enjoy this pedal but it seems like I keep running into these type of weird things where the more time I put into it, the more likely I’m going to run into something that will make all my work fruitless.

I see other posts on this forum get answered. mine doesn’t. I don’t think I’m going to continue using the Aeros until I know for sure I won’t be wasting my time. In a week or so, if I’m still running into these issues, I’ll just be returning it and go back to doing everything through Push 2.

Give the product specialist some time to reply. He’s normally here weekday afternoons.

Thank you. I realize I’m being impatient. It’s a ridiculously powerful device w hiccups. I’m so eager to just get past them.

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I understand your frustration, I had a moment like that when I first got my Aeros.

I will say this though: the updates come regularly, the company is responsive, and fixes have happened just in the last two updates that have switched my frustration to happiness. It’s still got quirks, but it’s passed the workable threshold for me now, and the evidence is that singular will fix the other stuff. So your hiccups will get fixed in time.

Conversely: I previously used a boss looper. That had some bugs too. Boss are not communicative and they aren’t doing firmware fixes.

I’d rather be lower on the escalator that’s moving upwards. You end up higher.


Hello there, are you by chance using the Beatbuddy or other master clock device with the Aeros? Pre-recorded songs cannot be shifted in tempo, and if there is MIDI clock streaming into the Aeros this can cause a tempo mismatch which can mess with pre-recorded track playback and recording.
We are looking into solutions for this issue, we want to find a way to disengage this but also make it doable hands-free and also via touchscreen preferably. Please let me know if this is your issue!

If not a video of what you mean can be very helpful,

thank you

I am using BB as midi master. The tempo seemed the same when I was having the problem and the first 2 tracks (the drums and guitar) play through perfectly and in sync. It’s the last four tracks that end early, start again and then end again when the first two tracks complete. Then all six tracks play together in unison until it hits that reset spot again on all four last tracks.

I will definitely take a video of it this evening if I haven’t figured it out by then. If I do figure it out, I’ll add another reply to this thread with what the issue was.

Ok, you also are on the latest firmware 3.1.18 correct?

I disconnected the BB this evening and it completely fixed the problem. Only after a couple minutes of revisiting the first part I tried to hit the stop button twice and it prompted the delete everything window and I didn’t think twice about it. Decided surely it didn’t save that delete. I’ll just reset this thing. Nope. My work is gone. I was defeated but decided I’ll just try to retrack everything. I resync the BB, get that track how I want it. Get my guitar tuned, pedals and mixer set up, make sure the signal is good in the Aeros, desync beat buddy, and discover for the 10th time the count-in function only works on the first track for some reason. I go back, delete the guitar track, hold the record switch release and start playing, make a mistake, go to rerecord and somehow I wound up deleting the BB track instead and can’t recover it.

Apparently I need to update the firmware. I have super limited wifi right now. I might be able to connect via my mobile hotspot. I’ll try that and follow back up.

Thank you for the help so far.

Updated via mobile hotspot, recorded three tracks and accidentally deleted all again :frowning:

This is painful.

I must be misunderstanding…

How on earth are you accidentally deleting all? It requires a long press on one button, then you get a confirmation request, and you have to press a completely different button.

Undo/redo is a toggle so you can get back anything you pseudo-delete with undo.

Edit: I’ve just seen your other thread… Got it now. You’re pressing the delete all in the mixer screen. Can’t say it’s noticed that feature. Your complaint is more understandable now. Apols for noise.

I do it without thinking! It was one of the first features I discovered on the pedal and when I started recording my first tracks I was using it constantly. Now it’s a habit when I mean to undo a recording, or I hold it by accident, and when the window pops up I’m very impatient… I just click yes to get through the prompt and immediately realize what I’ve done. I’ve done it several times. I’m going to eventually stop making the mistake but it’s a painful one to keep learning

Completely understandable mistake. But to be fair to singular, I don’t think this one is there fault to fix. There’s a confirmation. No one would seriously want a confirmation confirmation.

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Hey so I just wanted to double-check that you aren’t seeing the original issue you first posted anymore, please let me know thanks