Two accent hits for the footswitch

I would like an option to assign two different accent hits for both buttons on the footswitch, for example a crash cymbal on button one and a splash cymbal (or another sound) on the second button. That would add some variety instead of only having one cymbal sound per song.

Most if not all BB songs have two accent hits per song - each part can have a different accent hit. The problem with sacrificing another’s pedal function is how would you perform the other tasks, specifically pausing, I assume you have no problems performing outros - compromises I think need to be made - I would like a dedicated stop function added to the external pedal, personally I would find that a lot more useful.

For me Pause/Stop function is not that important. What about using a transition part as a pause function (with no beats in it)?
As I said before I would like to have the choice to use different accent hits - even in one part.

Everyone uses his/her BeatBuddy in a different way, so why not giving everybody the chance to assign the buttons of the footswitch to his/her taste?

You don’t have to “sacrifice” the pause/stop function for that. If you like it, keep it. :wink:

BTW: To use the buttons fast and smoothly I’m thinking of replacing the latching switches by momentary ones.

I don’t know how much work this would take as it would require both a redesign of the firmware and the manager software, if enough people would find this useful then it could be considered. You are right however that everyone uses the BB slightly differently, personally I don’t see the need for another accent hit and would prefer to have every button assignable to the external pedal - but each to there own :wink:
I have also recently swapped out the footpedal switches :smiley: