Two Button Press to Settings

I think this is a feature, where you can use a “two button” press/ hold to access the settings menu.
I have been finding when I press and hold a transition (to loop it) that sometimes I “gently” touch the adjacent button with my shoe and it sees it as a request to enter settings … aaah! Then I have to tap EXIT to get back to the normal pedal controls.

Fortunately, even though the “loop transition” does not engage properly, it continues the normal beat and so it is usually not noticeable to the uninformed.

Is there anyway to disable that “feature” so that it does not enter settings during a performance?

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I have the same issue. I had requested that possibly moving that dual button press functionality to the external footswitch as one option.

Hello there,

We will likely not be doing this any time soon, but I will tag this as #backlog

Thank you for the request!

I saw in a similar midi pedal controller that they also use a 2-button press to get to settings. The difference is that they use two outside buttons and it does not trigger on adjacent buttons. (e.g.You have to press button 1 and 3 to go to Setup. Buttons 1 and 2 will not.)

This avoids foot control triggering settings. It also enablers you to use set buttons next to each other to send simultaneous commands.

Just a thought as an alternative solution.

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That could be a better idea !