Two performers with Two Different Loopers

Hello and thanks in advance.
I’m in a duo and we’re looking to have us both use our own looper (mine Aeros w/ Beatbuddy him just RC 300) in performance situations.
What’s the best way (routing etc) for us to midi sync?

Hey there, I believe RC300 is only meant to pair with itself but if you can get it set up Aeros only works as Slave/ Receiver right now so the RC 300 has to be emitter**

We are currently working on MIDI master/emitter capabilities for Aeros but unfortunately I’m not sure the RC300 can be paired as the receiver.

Best of luck!

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So… Midi Out of Aeros to Midi In on rc300 or what? Sorry the slave comment came though a bit crossed.

Hey sorry mixed up a bit last post but is now edited, RC MIDI out to Aeros MIDI in

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