U2 One loop cover with BB & VL3X

Dear fellow beatbudders!

Here is my live looper take on U2´s classic One, made in January. Have a listen!



Hi, Janne. Nicely done and thank you very much for sharing. I especially enjoyed the view of your pedalboard.

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Thanks Persist! There’s another version of this, a tutorial with the pedalboard in the main window, and some explanation running in text as well


Well done! - amazing coordination there…

My hat’s off to you sir .

What’s giving you those low bass deep swells .

Nice timing , really smooth & clean . Neat guitar too .

EZ :


Thanks Hurricane!

The organ swells with added bass octave in the bass notes come from EHX Key9 pedal.

Timbre Tones :
Amazing how well the BB sounds and keeps the groove going .

Thanks for the info . I have been watching videos of Estas Tonne and his acoustic attack is aggressive and powerful . I saw his T.C. Helicon Hall Of Fame Reverb / POG and could not recognize the other FX unit . When I heard and saw your video I realized you as well as Estas have that strong low frequency drone going on the bass line - really cool thing to do .

What make is your guitar ? , & thank you again & nice playing too .

EZ :


Thanks! The guitar is my own make, check out www.timbretones.com for more info