Unable to connect bluetooth( Resolved)

Hello ,
Just get my MM today and try to connect bluetooth seems to be a disaster !
Try with Android V 10 phone
Try with Android V 10 another phone
Try with Android V 6 another phone
Try with Android V 10 a tablet
STILL NOTHING ??? Impossible to pair .
The MM switch to a screen saying BLE and the blue light go out and another screen saying “No custom mode”’ And " Download app"
App still downloading and trying with the app
The app scan and a message saying " PROGRESS> Reached timeout for scan" and that’s it
can not make custom modes !
I have NO CONNECTION ISSUE with other stuff, only the MM
Already send a ticket to dev’s ;
Guy’s really? a 300$ pedal and cannot connect it? cannot update it?

Don’t try to pair the MM with your phone/tablet. Start the App, choose a custom mode (there a few in the browse custom modes, online,) then press and hold the pairing switch on the rear of the MM until the light starts flashing.
To upload the custom mode press the top right icon and it will pair automatically over BLE and upload the custom mode.

It is worth making sure you have removed the MM from the Bluetooth paired items list on your phone/tablet, it is not needed and can cause issues.

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Thanks for your help
I follow your instructions , but nothing works
Always the same message “Reached timeout for scan”
I reset my new tablet to the factory and nothing!
I gonna send this back , because it’s to boring to connect , really I never had so difficult to connect a device !

Buy yourself a JBL EON610 PA and try the BT control app.

At least some folks here have had luck with the MM BT

It sounds like it has a BLE fault, I’ve not seen the BLE message on the MM before. Could you take a photo?
If it’s faulty, then message support they are pretty good

I find it JESUS CHRIST !!
I trying with another tablet Android V10 (not mine) and seems to be working !
I was thinking hours and hours about why this tablet and not my 4 other gears?
And the reason is : The location icon must be ON
It’s ok now damn !! I lost weight, sweating hours


Man, You saved my life)

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