Unable to delete F:/SONG/config.csv

Good afyternoon.
Question… beatbuddy manager say this when syncing to the SD card.

Unable to delete F:/SONG/config.csv

It happened all of the sudden as I have been in and out of the manager doing edits and testing them w the beat buddy pedal, and the tweaking the files, and repeating the process. Getting ready for a gig with the BBV prominently featured. Also the Aeros Looper.
Suddenly this message popped up. any idea why or what to do to solve it?

Try to Sync after quitting the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and then relaunching it.

If that doesn’t work, make sure your BBM still has the gig list with the songs you want.

  • Insert SD card in your computer SD slot
  • Select all and delete the contents of your SD card
  • BBM - File - Export - Project to SD card

trying that now. Thank you