Unable to edit instrument parameters in drumkit section of BBManager

I’m trying to add Bass to my Ludwig drum set, but am finding that the drum set editor does not allow me access to the instrument parameters so I can’t move an instrument to an different MIDI location or ID. (it doesn’t matter what drum set I try to edit) When I add an instrument, it goes to the lowest available midi ID and I can find no way to edit it. Double clicking or right clicking doesn’t bring up the instrument details box. Anyone else experiencing this and/or have a workaround? Thanks for any suggestions,

pm Phil for the ludwig w bass kit …
if it’s not a w bass kit , you won’t have the parameters needed.
I just start an edit on a .sng w bass, load it w my new midi files, then rename it,
dl it to my work files, reimport my 'new .sng in my alphabetical song set.
(clear as mud ?) :wink: .

You are probably running You need You need to run as an administrator then upgrade to via the upgrade feature of BBM

^ I did not know you could do that !.. it never upgraded for me !
I’m still on … works well .

tried 3 x … still doesn’t dl for me. is buggy for drumkit editing

I have admin privileges and am logged in as administrator, but can’t get from to Have tried many times but it never actually updates. What am I missing?

I don’t believe the auto update works past

I didn’t believe it either but eventually I got it to work and was able to edit some of the parameters.