Unable to get rid of Convert Songs message after 5.0 firmware update


New user here. I’m confused about the Convert Songs process.

After updating to the latest firmware, I keep getting a ‘Convert Songs’ message, indicating that an old song format has been detected, and I should connect the Aeros to my computer and back up my songs.

The problem is, I don’t have any songs yet. And the ‘Yes’ option is dimmed, so I’m unable to convert whatever old format there is to the new one. Therefore, each time I power up the Aeros I see this message, and my only option is to hit ‘No’ until the next time.

What’s the best way to solve this? Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Just scroll to the bottom of the message using your finger or the wheel so that the Yes can be enabled, it likely needs to format things anyways, since the old format is on the Aeros since it left the factory.

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Well, that was easy. Thanks.

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