Unable to load project file

Is there anyway to repair/load a bbp project that says missing items when trying to load into beat buddy manager?

  • Quit the BBM
  • Delete the bbworkspace folder on your computer; make sure there are no other folders named bbworkspace on your computer
  • Place the unlocked SD card in your computer slot reader
  • Launch the BBM (it should recreate the bbworkspace folder)
  • Use the BBM File-> Open Project and navigate to your SD card and press Open
  • Accept the prompt to save project to your computer (if prompted, give project a name)
  • Accept prompt for future synchronization

Almost rebuilt project. Used time machine in Mac. However I have no drum sets? How/where are they filed so I can import them into the project.
Thank you

  • In the BBM, press Drum Sets tab
  • Check the boxes for each drum set you want active.

If this is still not working as expected,

  • download Default Content Update v2 from https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/software-download/ (it’s at the bottom of the web page)
  • Unzip and copy the project folder to your bbworkspace Projects folder (on your computer—not your SD card)
  • Use the BBM File > Open Project and you should now be functional