Unable to load song or its accent hit

I am trying to load new songs into me new Beat Buddy. I have Manager 1.50 and downloaded 2 songs from the forum. Neither will work in the Manager player. I get “unable to load song…or its accent hit” error for both.

A third seems to work fine.

Here are the songs:


The second requires “Rock with Bass” drum set. I loaded this into the user library in the SD and checked it in the drum set tab in manager.

Can anyone help please?

Welcome, neokruncher. Similar problems have been reported several times and you can probably find it without too much effort by searching the forum.

Check you forum Inbox.

Can you post a link to these? I was rolling along 100mph doing great and now this same problem. Its actually only on the purchased songs I bought from the premium library. They still work on the pedal but not in manager. I’ve done the search and nothing. Thanks

by the way, I think this all happened after I dragged and dropped the songs from their original purchase folder into a made folder called my gig folder. It was all done within the manager so it would seem that I only rearranged them.

I am having the same problems also. Can you please post a link for solving this?

Much appreciated