Unable to save a copied/modified kit

I have changed a few if the wav files for the metronome and the kick drum. I start getting this error after attempting to drag and drop the wav file to the editor.
“The current drum set contains errors”
I couldn’t find anything out of place so I reopened the file and tried again using the browse button only and didn’t get the error. Seems to be a bug.


That seems strange. It seems to be indicating an issue with the kick drum - what change did you make. Could you also provide a screen shot to show all the verlocity layers of the kick drum.

I see what’s happening now.
If not over the file name when trying to drag and drop a wav it adds the file to the end of the list and sets the start end velocities to 126, 127, which don’t match up with the others. I just didn’t spot the inconsistency.