Unable to save work

When setting up a set list from within the BB manager, the “save” option under the “filer” menu isn’t live, so I wind having to use the “Save as” option - which doesn’t seem to work. I have lost a couple of hours work already.
Does anyone know why the “Control + S” option isn’t operational within BB manager? Or does someone have a work around fix to save work?
As an aside, I’m getting very tired of this BB software - it should be a simple drag & dropto move songs, instead we have this export/import/rename system. It feels like I’ve slipped back in time 25 years & having to work with DOS again.

The interface is being actively upgraded currently. Namely, such features as Drag’n’Drop and Copy/Paste are currently under extensive beta testing. Please contact David Packouz directly if you want to take part.
Also, any constructive feedback and/or critics are very welcome!

Thanks for bearing with us!

Concerning your Ctrl+S (File > Save) issue: I’ve never ever ran into this. Do you use the most recent BBManager software 1.3.3? It would be extremely helpful if you could (even approximately!) tell what specific actions in BBManager can lead to this issue.

I’m using BB manager v 1.3.2.
BB Manager open, BB pedal NOT connected.
I have 100+ songs loaded in both BB Manager & BB itself. In the BB Manager they are saved on the computer after having been exported from the list of preloaded songs. On the BB pedal they are loaded onto its SD card.
I want to create a new set list for New Years Eve gig of 38 songs.
I start importing the 38 songs one at a time from my master list, changing the beat & sometimes the drum set on each as I go.
As I finish each song I try a Ctrl+S so each song is saved, but that option isn’t highlighted & doesn’t work. So I carry on importing songs, thinking I’ll save the lot at the end using “Save project as…”.
This appears to work (I see a file being saved) but when go to I reopen it none of my work has in fact been saved - hence two hours of work down the tubes.
Typical of DOS & early Windoze programs.
“Save” should be a working command right? Well its not on my set up.
I look forward to your response

I will try to reproduce your problem locally.
In the meantime, can you upgrade the software to 1.3.3 version to see if your issue is fixed there?

A short investigation results:
The project is being auto-saved on-the-fly after importing a song. That’s why it isn’t being counted as modified, so it is not possible to save it, as all the changes are already saved.
With BBManager 1.3.3. I’ve successfully imported 96 songs in one folder (there is a hard limit of 99 songs per folder currently) and restarted BBManager several times while in the process (for testing purposes). After each program restart I made sure the overall songs number in my test folder is the same as it was before restart. All changes were always saved correctly for me.

Though, I’ve found an unrelated bug in BBManager that if you change the default output device while the BBManager is running it doesn’t get detected.

Ok, I finally managed to download & install the 1.3.3 version. I’m a Mac person using a borrowed Windoze computer so everything is much harder to do on Windoze than on my iMac.

In the end I managed do set up our New Years Eve set list using the 1.3.3 version, however it seems the 1.3.3 version doesn’t like mixing with the 1.3.2 version on the BB itself, I had to stumble my way through that process. I have no idea how.

The Ctrl+S function still doesn’t light up as an option as I load songs, I synced the BB with the manager after each song to make sure I wasn’t losing anything - that seemed to work OK.

I managed to load everything onto a spare SD card so I have a back up - fingers crossed it will all go well on the 31st.

For Xmas, can I please have a native Mac program with drag’n’drop?

Merry Xmas

Actually, 1.3.3 version has absolutely no problems with mixing different versions of the content, the internal file format is essentially the same.
Glad you were able to update the BeatBuddy content to your liking!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, John.

Regarding the mixing different versions, while the code might be “essentially the same format” it does have a conflicting issue hidden somewhere inside. When I first tried to add new songs created in the software under V1.3.3, to songs already on the pedal (created under V1.3.2), those new new songs were “renamed” in the translation by gibberish computer names, not the names I had given them. To solve that issue, I had to import what was on the pedal (created under 1.3.2) into the new 1.3.3 software, then start over creating the new songs.
As mentioned, I synced software & pedal after each song to prevent anymore lost work.
I’m just hoping Father Xmas will create a stable & intuitive Mac version asap.

If you try and play a song using the virtual pedal it will prompt and insist that you save any changes you have made up until that point to the project - it does for me anyways and sometimes that is a pain as I may not want to save the changes as some have been accidental e.g changing speed on a Blues 1.

Hi Folks,

I experienced the same issue. The user experience as you begin to use the software for the first time is a little odd. I expect any change you make to your project would enable the “Save Project” menu option but it doesn’t.

[]I created a new folder and renamed it. “Save Project” is greyed out.
]I added a song. “Save Project” still greyed out.
[]I modified the tempo of a song and pressed Play.
]The song asked if I wanted to save and now, finally, “Save Project” is enabled.

It’s a little confusing, but at least I now know to get it to save the project.

It only becomes active when a change has been made - lots of software works like that.

As far as I got it, every time the song is about to be saved, a checksum is counted by the song internal name. It is then used as a mangled name, like if a counted checksum is, for example, 322427631, it’s hexadecimal form is used to make a filename of 1337DAEF.BBS.

I hoped for that as well. But could only come up with a buggy Mac beta :frowning: