Unaceptable noise when BeatBuddy is connected on Phantom Power channel

I connected two different BBs on my Mackie Mixer DL 218. When Phantom Power is activated I can‘t use my BeatBuddy because of loud noise.
Before I bought BB I tried BB mini 2, which had no problems with phantom Power.

Can you please correct this bug with a SW fix - please?

Regards and thanks,

What power source are you using for the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal?

Using a 1/4" TS to 1/4" TS cable and not a cable that connects to mixer with an XLR?

The original one, being delivered with the Bear Buddy

You’ll want to keep it on an isolated power line or separate supply. The BeatBuddy is a rather dirty digital pedal in terms of power (as are many digital pedals). The mini looks to be a newer design, but also lacks SD.

The Mackie DL 1608Mixer doesn‘t have a seperate Aux input. I have to route it on normal channels.

But your suggestion works with my Behringer X32 Mixer.

I had horrible noise from BB into mixer until I started using a DI box with ground lift. Now, perfectly silent (no noise).

Thank you so much. I‘ve just tested it.
This works fine. In future I‘ll use a D.I.Box to connect BB when connecting it to Mackie DL 1608 Mixer with activated phantom power.
Great idea!
regards, Claus