Unboxing problem

I received my BeatBuddy yesterday. Upon unboxing the unit, I heard a most disconcerting rattle in the body of the pedal. I unscrewed the bottom and found a black plastic disc loose in the unit. Turning it around a small brass screw fell out. I figured out that this was the volume control disk for the headphone control. I re-opened the unit and attached the disk with the screw. I just now turned the unit on, and it seems to be OK. Haven’t had a chance to really test it, but I thought you might need a heads up on the QC of assembly.


Robert Kinsell

Please try powering the unit, and if any problems occur, please email support directly at contact@mybeatbuddy.com - what you describe is definitely not a norm!

Is it possible the thin foam packing sleeve on the BB is hyper extending the headphone volume disc when it’s being pulled off the unit, spinning it enough times to unseat the screw?

Thank you for telling us about this. We are looking into ways of making that attachment more robust.

Lock washer. You’re welcome. :geek:

Someone posted this on Facebook as well following an extended session. Tonight I have had the same - I have been playing with the beat buddy for about three hours (just got it today) and at the end I noticed a rattle and the headphone volume disk had come loose. All I was doing was pressing the pedal, the pedal wasn’t moving and I wasn’t rough with it, but I assume the vibration of constantly clicking the pedal is making the volume disk work loose.

Yes, we’ve seen this issue on a few units. You can easily screw it back if you open the unit. If you lose the screw, email us at support@mybeatbuddy.com and we’ll send you a new one.

We’ll probably add a dab of glue in future production runs to keep the screw in place.

My headphone volume disk also came off inside the unit after only about an hour of use. I managed to open up the bottom of the case, find the screw and reattach the knob. Possible weak link there. Other than that, this thing is awesome! :smiley: