Under the Milky Way - With SYNTH (No Bass)

Hi all,

I know there are already several versions of this song kicking around, but I wanted a version with synthesizer. So I programmed my own version from scratch. Since I’m a bass player, this version doesn’t include bass. So this version may be of value for anyone who has a bass player in their act. The song file and drum kit file may be downloaded from this Dropbox folder:


You will need to use the included drum kit in order to for the synth to work.

NOTE: This song starts with 4 clicks and goes right into the 1st verse (since the intro is guitar only). If you want a version of this with clicks throughout the whole guitar intro, let me know. Here is my duo playing the song live with Beatbuddy, if you want to hear it in action:

P.S. - The synth samples I created for the drums set are set to work at 136 BPM. It was just simplest for me to program it this way. If you change the tempo to anything higher or lower, the samples may or may not go out of sync with the song.