Understanding the Drum Kit Labels and Song Labels


Sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Is there a way to tell which drum kits or which songs correspond to the multi-numbered/lettered code that appears in the BeatBuddy folders? Obviously you can tell which is which when you’re looking at files through the Software manger or on the BB Pedal itself. However, when you go into the windows folder for BeatBuddy, they are all listed as number/lettered codes.



Why would you want to know that when we have the Beat manager software?
The “multi-numbered/lettered code” is hexidecimal as each file on the BeatBuddy can only have 8 characters in its name. There is a CSV file for each folder that “translates” this hexidecimal code into Alphanumeric and so it displays that on the BeatBuddy screen. Before the manager software editing these files was the only way of creating a set list in the BB. However I had to start from scratch when the software was released, so I don’t recommended editing the SD card direct as unless you know what you are doing you could cause more problems - hence my initial question.