Undo and redo track layers via MIDI

Has anybody managed to implement the full functionality of the Track Button (lower right) when this is held via MIDI? The track Button (lower right) only functions on the selected track but I would like to program 6 presets (of a separate MIDI controller) independently for each track. I was able only to Do and Undo the last layer using CC37 val 1…6 but I can neither undo and redo the second layer nor redo the overdub (if it exists). Any suggestions?

The Track Button (lower right) behaves like this:

● Undo most recent layer
β—‹ Continue to hold undo second layer (if it exists)
● Redo most recently undone layer
β—‹ Continue to hold to redo overdub (if it exists

Hello there, this is not currently possible unfortunately but it is planned, the reason it is missing is that a fully capable undo system via midi is very complex and has a lot of variables, and so it needs time we cannot invest at this moment, but we do plan on building it!

Stay tuned

Thanks for the question!

Thank you for the answer. I definitely look forward to the full implementation. As a possible intermediate solution before this is implemented, is there a way to select tracks via MIDI (similarly to what can be done for Mute/Unmute) instead of scrolling using the Next Track button that requires multiple taps and killer precision to land on the right track? If this is possible, I can then use the Track Button (lower right) to do the rest.

This would also be one of those advanced MIDI behaviors that we will adopt likely at the same (or a similar time) as a full undo logic.

An advanced selection logic needs work done on the Aeros logic to support this new behavior.

Thanks for the question!

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Super. Thank you! I will stay tuned.

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Hope about a midi simulation of button states? That might be simpler.

For example, on a single unused CC:

  • 0 = left button press
  • 1 = left button release
  • 10 - middle button down
  • 11 - middle button release
  • 20 - right button press
  • 21 - right button release
  • 30 - stop button press
  • 31 stop button release
  • 100 scroll wheel +1
  • 110 scroll wheel -1

You could als use Note on/off but suspect CC is a better choice for this audience.

We do plan on looking into full button emulations and will also be handling the undo in the med term

We likely will not make a midway logic at this time, but thank you for the request!

a cool idea would be to emulate 100% the aeros switches via midi, as with beatbuddy, there is a midi command to emulate beatbuddy as if it were the pedal itself. it would be interesting, a midi button emulating 100% the 4 physical buttons of the aeros.

another cool idea would be the option for the loop playback to be muted when beatbuddy makes a transition, showing the sound of the beat… and going to the next part in both beatbuddy and aeros, it would be beautiful

Thank you for the feedback but now we are trailing off topic from the original post, if you would like to see a thread on full button emulations feel free to make one!