Undocumented feature: Notes Out

The firmware announcement mentioned that Notes could be sent IN to BB for use by DAW etc. and other threads on loopers mentioned the BB also is outputting notes but not much talked about on what the MIDI OUT is. I looked into how BB notes out could be used to trigger external sound sources with no expectation of having a full blown midi editor provided by Singular, just read the midi and play the drums on BB and send all other info out on the correct channels as a normal sequencer would do. No need for pre-mixing bass and drum wav files and building custom kits to try to do.

Steps were:

Created two midi clips in Logic and exported to Type 1 multitrack midi
Assigned Drums to channel 1 (also tested drums on 10), Bass to channel 5
Added to BBManager song and plays drum fine
Midi out to keyboard would only play notes when set to channel 1
Looked at midi file with MidiKit utility and confirmed channels 1,5 notes and program info are exported and set correctly
connected midi output of BB to MAC and checked with MidiMon to see what BB is sending to keyboard
Output of BB is only channel one, no channel 5 data

BB is reading the Type 1 fine and can play drums set to channel 1 or 10
BB output is only sending drums as channel 1, no bass notes are output on any channel

This is a bug in design where a firmware update can correct this and make BB read and output channel, control and program changes. BBM doesn’t need to be enhanced to make this happen and it would blow away all drum machines in flexibility if done.

[ATTACH]1349[/ATTACH] Logic channel 5 added Bass notes

[ATTACH]1350[/ATTACH] Midkit confirms both channels are in exported midi

[ATTACH]1351[/ATTACH] MidiMon confirms only channel 1 is sent out

I’m surprised that note off events are being sent out.