Unmute all when stopping/starting all tracks

Hey, so I would love the ability to have all of my muted tracks become unmuted when I stop all tracks.

For example if I am Looping in 2x2 and I have Bass on track 1 and guitar chords on track 2. For the verses I would mute track 2 and then at the end of the verse, I’d stop everything instantly from an external pedal for a second of silence, then start the loop from the external pedal going into the chorus. I would want both of my tracks to be unmuted when I hit start going into the chorus, rather than having to hit stop → unmute → start all really fast lol.

I have a midi maestro so if this is possible from there please do let me know!

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Maybe try with the “Fader” Midi settings
In this case you will not mute the tracks but cut the volume to 0
On the start:
Set de commands to restore the volume on the press
And the start on the release.
I don’t test it , if this can work or if the volume can be restored when the looper is Stopped
But you can try this, maybe this can work
Take care the value 127 restore the volume louder , if you want the fader (white square) on the white line you need to set 115 I guess
Added MIDI commands to adjust the mixer :

  • Master Fader (CC:20 Value:0-127)
  • Track 1 (CC:21 Value:0-127)
  • Track 2 (CC:22 Value:0-127)
  • Track 3 (CC:23 Value:0-127)
  • Track 4 (CC:24 Value:0-127)
  • Track 5 (CC:25 Value:0-127)
  • Track 6 (CC:26 Value:0-127)
  • Selected Track (CC:27 Value:0-127
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Hey there,

We will likely not do this, but you can also (in addition to what was said above) use an unmute all midi command while stopped to unmute the tracks while the Aeros is not playing back

Or not stop the Aeros at all and use the Mute Pause command in the Hands Free slideout menu to unmute them when you would like to, the mute pause command mutes/unmutes all Aeros tracks at the same point regardless of individual track lengths

Thanks for the request, let me know if my suggestions work for you!

These wouldn’t really work since I’m trying to Stop and start everything including my drum machine from an external start/stop pedal. I would have to hit stop on the external pedal, then quickly hit unmute on the maestro, then quickly hit start on the external pedal again. All while im singing and playing guitar at the end of a verse lol. I’m basically trying to replicate my boss rc-500 workflow but I guess the tracks on that stop where as on on the aeros looper they mute which are two totally different things.

Why don’t you use the Maestro to control all these things? You could have a button that unmutes the Aeros and starts the drum machine from a stopped state with one press

@Danieldidit … I just solved that exact same issue with my Stop / Start configurations:

You’re looking for CC 43. 1 - CC 38.127

If you have the “Play” button send both of those commands, it will start up the recorded loops, and unmute any previously muted track at the same time. I had the exact same need to strip down the loop for a bridge, and then have the loop fire back up with nothing muted.

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Thank you for trying it!

Were you able to solve it with any of our suggestions? Let us know!

@Danieldidit I can’t speak on the Midi Buddy and don’t want to direct you to another product on SS’s site… I will only point out the requirement that you need to see if whichever Midi controller you’re using can do it.

If you want to send different signals to different devices using the same controller, then you just need to take them off of “All” or “Universal” and assign a dedicated Channel ID to each device.

Let’s say you set your Aeros to Channel 2 and the Drum machine to Channel 4. Midi out of your foot controller In one of the devices, out of that device to the other. Set each to receive only on that Channel.

Assign the Stop button to send Channel 2, CC (change command) 38 with a value of 127 AND… send Channel 4 the CC command and value it needs at the same time to stop the Drum Machine. Both will stop with one button push.

Then you could either stack commands on the same button, different channels, to start them all at the same time, dedicate separate buttons, or have multiple choices.