unpause with transition to next part

Some songs have a break where the drums cut out completely, sometimes for a couple bars, sometimes longer, and when the drums come in again, often times it’s not with the same rhythm as was being used before the break. An example of this is the middle bridge of “Midnight Rambler”, or “Bad Fish”, or The Band’s “The Weight” with the “put the load right on me” bit which is bitch when you have three people trying to shelf-harmonize a syncopated phrase :slight_smile: . It would be great if I could stomp the pause button and then when it was time to start things up again, I could step on the main pedal and pick it up in the next song section (playing a transition fill if there was one). So far I’ve been getting by by replacing a break with a part consisting of a hi-hat tapping out the beat, but it’s not ideal, sometimes a break needs to be a little free-time if you know what I mean.

If I pause my BeatBuddy, I can unpause it by pressing the external foot switch. If instead I press the pedal again then I get a fill and if I hold it down I get a transition a double press will play an outro. This only works though if you have set the BeatBuddy pedal to trigger on release which is its default behaviour.

Hey Charles,

  1. Make the transition fill the same as the main beat
  2. Hold main pedal to start “transition”
  3. Hit pause (external foot switch) on “one” of next bar
  4. Unpause will start the next part (if you set “mute pause” to “disable”, the next “one” will be whenever your foot hits the foot switch)
    hope this helps…

Umm, you realize that this thread is seven years old? :smile: Nice of you too offer a solution, though!

I don’t think Charles has been seen on this forum for a couple of years.

oh, i just saw the december bit, not the year :roll_eyes:
Maybe someone else can use this little trick…

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Haha, love the seven years old bit!

I do that trick, was going to say - start transitioning, hit pause on the 1… then unpause whenever ready. But I only use Verse Chorus format for all my songs; so I have a kick crash as an accent sample, so when I hit pause I hit both the pedals on my external foot switch to make it sound, finished / natural etc. #hacks.