Unplanned Outro Innitiation

Is there a way to disable the double tap outro initiation on the main pedal. I would rather control this from the footswitch. One can accidently double tap to change parts or activate fills - disastrous if this happens in a live show.

No, there is currently no way to move outro triggering away from a double tap.
You can tap once again (third tap) to actually cancel the triggered outro.

Thanks Daef, was afraid that was the answer as I tried everything. Pity - such a nice pedal.

Still waiting on the day when you can stop from a pause and or perform an outro from the external pedal directly. I have my pedal set to trigger on initial press, so tripple tapping gives me the start of the outro before it finally stops.

Hi, I am new to Beatbuddy - only had it a week- but I’m sure it’s going to be a huge asset. I’m already using it in worship sets and it works really well. But like a few others I find easy to accidentally trigger an outro which, esp if it happens late in a bar, can be tricky to stop.

I would much prefer to have the option to be able to disable the outro on the main pedal and trigger it only from the footswitch. I already use the footswitch for pauses and that works well.

There are other issues that need attention, but if I could have just one wish for a firmware update this would definitely be it!

This was the compromise that had to be taken, @Robin. It mostly comes down to practice and muscle memory.
When I started using the pedal myself, it was pretty hard to get the outro right. But it is much easier now :slight_smile:

The ability to disable the double tap to stop is desired by many. Can we expect this to happen someday?

Midi controll would give us the possibility to use any BB action with simple single clicks. I must admit that users will need a Midi controller (if they don`t allready have), but would render the external switch unnecessary. And with the given possibilities, it would be profitable for all of us.

Beatbuddy has come a long way this year but I’m waiting on the ability to disable double tap mistakes to outro and use an extrnal swtich for all stop/outros before playing out with it, too big a mistake to have happen live for me.

How long have requested, and by several users. Either it’s complicated to do, or they either do not want to do …

This would require firmware fixing to make this happen. Yes, it can be a bit tricky at times, but I really want to do it. Simply I was asked to fix the BBManager software at first.

Thank you for giving us hope :slight_smile:
Also thank you for BB Manager enhancements, copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop are great improvements.

I’ll vote for fixing the accidental double tap and moving it to the pedal. Its not just “It mostly comes down to practice and muscle memory. When I started using the pedal myself, it was pretty hard to get the outro right. But it is much easier now” although that is a nice apologetic statement on behalf of the company - and this is a much needed product done well so far. But…when one is standing and playing & singing and watching over his band mates the possibility of stumbling just abit etc can cause this show stopping behavior.

I’ve gotten rid of many intros (if I need to restart perhaps I can stomp at the correct moment if there is no intro) although 14 out of a typical night of 35 songs have intros and the outros are almost all simple (POP- Fill 74) but I still have 30 of 35. Mostly I can hit pause then 2nd button stop which is the plan. First time live is coming up after only one rehearsal with a full complement of songs in place (with one disaster) so we will see…

Well, yesterday I played with my BeatBuddy and yes, I encountered all these issues myself again - accidental outro triggering, triggering fills instead of transitions… All the bad stuff, you know :confused:

Well, I wasn’t having any leisure time to play with the BeatBuddy for the last several weeks! So I have to admit, it really comes down to practice… Yet, it can be really tricky at times to get it right. Sometimes it really felt like a job to me, and I know it shouldn’t!

I already have plans on what I’ll do when I am at the firmware. Adding a possibility to eliminate double tap should be among the fixes.

I have faith things get better from here (and here is already a good place to be). I did play live with the trio last night and employed ‘Goran’ (we haven’t named the 4th member yet - previous box was named Shaemus in honor of our live but departed drummer).

With Taylor Swift playing at the stadium up the street and the local papers warning everyone to stay inside due to horrendous traffic it was a slower night and a good time to try this out. I did indeed foul up early on with a dreaded double tap which also throws everyone else off. Thereafter became very miserly with fills using pause/unpause as needed and 2nd button stop/song advance mostly.

Got braver later and with some real dead solid structured songs it was fine to drop in a fill or even an outro but it is clearly like playing an instrument. One has to practice and make it 2nd nature - not think while playing. Much as I found with the TC Harmony box for vocals - less is more so not a bad experience at all. Still we need the aforementioned firmware fix so thanks Daef!

I set the BB for Triple Tap but it still ends or plays an outro if configured with a double tap ??? Am I understanding it correctly that when Main Peddle Triple Tap is enabled it should take 3 taps to end the song?