Unsaved changes getting saved

I stop a song, trying to go to the songs menu. I see a popup asking ‘Would you like to save the current song?’ I select NO. I load the same song back again and the changes are there even if I did not change them. I have to load in a different song and then the previous if I want it to forget the overdubs I did.

What firmware version are you using?


Updaed to 3.0 and still the same issue.

I will report to the dev team, thank you!

Hey, I just tried this and the issue is not exactly what you’re saying. If you are trying to revert to last saved, opening the song’s list and selecting “no” when it asks to save, does not take effect until you open a new song that loads. If you were to open another song first, then the original song, the changes are not saved. This is not as sinister an issue as it seemed, but worth looking into.

Another issue we know about is the looper asks you if you want to save the song when you go to main menu, it’s really an unnecessary one and it does not revert to last saved when reopening the loop studio after going to main menu.

We do not currently have a revert to saved feature but plan on incorporating this soon! We see the necessity.