Unstable work when placed BB

  1. When you run BB + Eros in BB everything crashes until you restart BB several times. firmware 4.3.1 on 4.0.1 the same problem.
    At the performance, there is no way to constantly turn the BB off and on, and this is not at all convenient.
    YouTube links below:
    13 января 2023 г. - YouTube (BB freezes on first launch after loading Eros)
    13 января 2023 г. - YouTube (No sound after second restart)
    after the second reboot the sound appeared
    I will also say that the nature of the malfunctions is not the same every time, sometimes artifacts appear on the screen and then it turns white, after rebooting the SD is not readable!
  2. The process of switching songs through BB to Eros is still not clear. Can you give step by step instructions?

today I rolled back to firmware version 3.80, it works stably, but unfortunately now there is no function to switch tracks on Eros, although I still don’t understand how to do it!