Any tips on how to get a sound that is unsupported onto a Loop?
I am somewhat amazed that the World Percussion Beats I bought does not include hand claps (flamenco, anyone?) while those that do, do not support tambourine for example.



Drum Beats don’t include sounds. Drum SETS include sounds. Flamenco is so specialized that Singular Sound created TWO special Flamenco Drum Beat packages. They tell you that you will need to Flamenco Drum Set which includes hand claps, foot stomps, and vocal exclamations.

To answer your question directly, you can use the built-in Drum Set editor to create, copy, and modify drumsets. You can either use a WAV file from an existing drumset or find or create your own. To use an existing one, poke around through all of the drumsets in your project until you find one with a hand clap. I know for instance that the Standard Pro drum set a handclap on note 39.


Click on the Browse button to find out where that WAV file exist.


To find another one just do a Google search for “hand clap WAV file”. To create your own, you can use any audio recorder, such as Audicity, that will save in WAV format.

Now select a drum set that’s already close to what you want and do a “Save As” and save it as something like, “Drum Set with Hand Claps”. You will now be editing your new drum set. Select “Drumsets -> Add Instrument” from the drop-down menu. This will add a new instrument at note 0 like this:


Select the Browse button and navigate to the WAV file you either located, downloaded, or created from the first step above. Select that file. Click on the instrument name to edit the instrument details. The main one you’ll probably always want to change is the name.

After you’ve saved your changes, go to the pattern that you want to include the hand claps. If you want to add them to an existing pattern, you should first export that pattern to a MIDI file, then import it again with a new name. That way you won’t be changing it in every other song that uses that same pattern…unless or course that’s what you want to do.

After you’ve imported the pattern, select the song that you want to use your new pattern using your new drumset. Change the default drumset to your new drumset:


Change the pattern to the new pattern to which you want to add the hand claps - the one you exported to MIDI above.


FINALLY, you can edit that pattern to add the hand claps to it.

It’s a lot of steps, but it’s pretty straight-forward. Songs use patterns and drumsets. Patterns use instruments. Instruments use WAV files.
[]Create or locate the WAV file for the instrument that you want to add.
]Create or locate the drumset to which you want to add the instrument.
[]Create or locate the patterns to which you want to add the new instrument.
]Create or locate the song. Switch to the modified drumset and edit the patterns.
Got it? If you use an existing WAV file, this whole process should take less than 5 minutes.