Untied/Non repeated first section

I’m finding that a LOT of songs have a totally different intro part than the rest of the song. It would be great to be able to have a setting on each section of the song that it plays only once. Then on further repeats, doesn’t get played at all. This would allow a number of intro’s back to back, then into the verse/chorus repeats.

There’s also the case of bridges, but alas, I’m at a loss currently for a simple/elegant way to solve that flow issue. If genius sparks, I’ll be sure to post a separate request :slight_smile:

I was thinking about this extensively. In terms of meta-parts, the typical advanced song usually is like INTRO- [ VERSE-CHORUS ] x2 (or x3) - BRIDGE - CHORUS - OUTRO. The exact scheme may slightly differ, yet you get the idea - nonlinear transition through like only 2 actually repeatable main parts VERSE and CHORUS, adding BRIDGE once somewhere in the mix.

I see two mid-term main goals for the BeatBuddy evolution currently:

  • to allow this specific advanced usage in the form of an extra feature that if not used, everything else stays as simple as it is now, and
  • to allow on-the-fly velocity boost (both negative or positive) of BeatBuddy played notes to allow what users requested - set BB a little quieter when they come to a vocal part, or, for example, play first VERSE normally, second VERSE - as if the drummer plays much softer, and third VERSE - much harder. This won’t be a simple master volume - real softer sound samples will be used!

Yes, I think you are on exactly the right path of thought.

The BB already follows MIDI velocity pretty well. I’ve been able to get fairly decent dynamics out of the stuff I’ve made so far. It would be neat if it used different patches for different velocities in the future though! The Real Piano Patches do that. They have 4 patches per note, for very quiet, soft, normal, and very loud. Not as important for the type of music I do(mainly country/rock), but for Jazz and/or classical type stuff, SUPER important.

Hey, but BeatBuddy already uses different patches for different volume note sounds! :slight_smile:
If you edit volume on some specific MIDI notes in your samples, you will definitely hear the difference.

I didn’t realize this :slight_smile: I haven’t even opened a kit yet, I just ASSumed :slight_smile: haha