Unusual Event occurred with BeatBuddy

I was wondering if anyone else ever had this occur… I turned on my BeatBuddy and the rest of my MIDI devices (I do mostly MIDI songs on a desktop PC) and when I went to play one of the songs, the BB was playing (could see the screen) but no sounds. I first checked all my connection, but no drum beats. I started going through random drum kits and landed on one with a drum + bass. I could hear the bass playing. I have a spare SD card, so I exchanged it, and the BeatBuddy worked as before. I then loaded the BB Manager and restored the SD Card, and it worked fine. Somehow, only the drum kit sounds had vanished!

Now I’d say it was a defective SD card, but the only things that was gone were the drum kit sounds. Anyone ever experience something like this? I’ve owned this BB since they first came out (SN #BB0000030) and have never had any problems. Only thing I can think besides the SD card possibly going is that we had an electrical storm. Now my entire setup is protected by an APC Back-UPS XS1300, so I wouldn’t think a power surge got to the BB and not anything else. Strange…

Strange indeed. Lots of very small anomalies happen with the pedal and most of them are easily solvable. Since you’ve resolved your issue, most of the bullets below won’t apply to you but they could explain the initial source of your symptoms and might help others with similar symptoms:

  • When this happens, it might be one of the patch cables is either not making a solid connection or one or more cables is defective
  • Some users somehow plug a TRS (stereo) cable in instead of the mono cable
  • Depending on the kit, some of the user-created drum sets require both left and right output cables.
  • Some user have reported that the left pedal output does not sum as expected Outputs - L(Mono), R ....Something Doesn't Seem Right
  • Sometimes the Export or Synchronization from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) does not transfer all of the data to the SD card or it gets corrupted during the data transfer. This could be because the SD card might have been locked or the USB cable connection method was used. Verify that the card is unlocked and try using the computer SD slot reader or an external SD card reader
  • Other times a power surge or interruption might cause the firmware to not work properly. The fix is to download, unzip and install the firmware files to the SD card using the computer SD slot reader.

Agree, this is why I checked the connections first. All my cables are new and the proper type. I made certain of this when I started using it. Too easy to substitute cables thinking they’ll work. I didn’t have the SD card “locked”, but I do now. Although if it was an electrical problem like a surge, the SD card contents could be damaged regardless. I’m just surprised it was only the drum kit wav files. Since I’m the only person that uses this equipment, and no one in the house would touch it, I can at least rule out that some one was playing around!

No need to lock the card.

Just covering all the bases…