Update existing Drum Kits

I just loaded Vintage Ludwig 1.1. Do I have to make new Drum-Kit references to all my songs, wich use the former “Vintage Ludwig” manual? These are houndreds. I think this question belongs to all updated drum-kits. Is there a way to make it automatic?

If a song already worked with Vintage Ludwig (not 1.1), why change that kit at all? All Vintage Ludwig 1.1 did was add Tambourine, Cowbell and Shaker. If you need those, then use 1.1. There is nothing preventing you from keeping both the original version and the 1.1 version on the Beat Buddy. Otherwise, to answer your question simply, yes, you would need to update each reference to each song. There is no mass update feature.

Thank you. What happens when there is a little asterix at the Drum-Kit? What Drum-Kit will the Beatbuddy use? Is there a rule?

I had the same questions around the Standard Kit 1.1. The reason I’ve updated all the songs on my current set list is to avoid drum load time between songs. I had three or four that used the tambourine or whatever, and that means eight extra drum changes. And when you’re trying to bang through songs without gaps, to build and maintain a dance floor, that load time is an issue.

But, of course, that’s just me. :slight_smile:


Yeah I updated all the kits to v1.1 or v1.2 Took a LONG time to fix all the songs. No fun as I had to do it twice as it crashed and I hadnt saved the project before that happened! Oh well yeah if it has a star / asterick symbol then you have not yet imported into BBM the required drum kit that it needs

If there is an asterisk and you do not select the required kit from your installed drum kits, or you do not download, install and activate the required drumkit, then B.B. will play back the file using the current system default drumkit rather than the song default drum kit.

Is the “current system default drumkit” the one you set by holding the Drum-Button on the beatbuddy? So I may copy “Vintage Ludwig 1.1” to the beatbuddy, set this as default kit, and all songs using (the missing) “Vintage Ludwig” will sound correct?

From the Manual

• Default Drum Set - When enabled, it will automatically load the saved drum set for each song. But if you want to try a few
different songs with the same drum set, select ‘Disable’ so the drum set doesn’t
change every time you change the song.
Tip: To change the default drum set of a song, press and hold down the drum
set knob.

Therefore, if “Default Drum Set” is disabled, ANY song you subsequently choose will play with the last kit you used.

If “Default Drum Set” is enabled, and the default kit for the song is not available on the BB, it will also play the song with the last kit that was used.

If “Default Drum Set” is enabled and a song has the available kit installed, it will load that kit, and that kit will then become the current system default drum kit.

be careful as by setting the default drum kit using the BB pedal settings menus only that may mean many standard and user “songs” wont sound correctly. I just leave the pedal setup to use the default drum kit (that the original song creator intended it to use) so I have to make sure i download / buy any needed one from the resources area and import it into the BB Manager and make sure I have no astericks on any of the songs I want to play.