Update for Premium Library and black friday

Hi, I’m new just discovering the beatbuddy few hours ago. I’m thinking about buying one.
I saw a second hand offer for one with the “2020 Premium Library”.
So my questions are :
Is there an update for the 2021 version?
Is it free and if not where can I find the price?
Are they the same?

Furthermore :
Do SingularSound making discount for Premium Library at Black Friday?
If yes what was the price the previous years?
(I saw the 2020 sells about the hardware but nothing about Premium Library).

Theses informations could help me to better understand the product and making a choice between second hand now or waiting 2 month for Black Friday.

Best regard.

Welcome to the forum.

You might get answers more directly by emailing Support, support@singularsound.com

done and now waiting :slight_smile:

They didn’t last year.