Update to songs

I imported the Tom Petty beats a while back. Now there is a Tom Petty update 1.1.
when I import update 1.1 I get a new folder indicating Tom Petty Update 1.1 exclusive of the original TOM PETTY folder.

How Do I update the original songs into one folder??

I did that with all the beats I bought. I just removed the old and imported the new. Be sure to read the update instructions also. It will explain the changes made.

The 1.1 folder should have 10 songs. If the 1.1 version doesn’t have Mary Jane’s Last Dance, using the BeatBuddy Manager, drag it from the original folder to the 1.1 folder. Once your 1.1 folder has 10 songs, hilite the original Tom Petty folder and use the BBM > Songs > Delete Folder to remove it.

Thanks - did all that