just updated firm-1.2.9 still plagued by the headphone volume screen coming up when operating unit in the normal way!!


Hey bob,

Some of us BB owners had a lose screw on the volume wheel which caused the problem. If you have a tiny screwdriver, open the back of the BB. Locate the plastic volume wheel. If the screw is there, tighten is until it stays in place (careful because the tiny pieces are easy to strip.) If there is no screw, carefully turn the unit over and shake until one falls out. If the screw cannot be located, most drug stores have an eyeglass screw kit which might be able to lock the wheel in place.

Let me know if this helps, thanks, Dan


I had a look at the screw inside,however it was firmly in place.After putting up with it a bit longer,I had cause to pull the power cable out of the unit,when I replaced it,the problem of the volume screen coming on randomly,went away.It has returned since,but after unplugging the power lead,then replacing it,the problem more often that not,goes away!!!


Are you using the headphone output? If not, why not click the wheel into the off position. Hopefully this will get fixed in the near future.