Updated take "All Along the Watchtower" - A minor - [repost]

EDIT: I found it easy to kick in transitions at Gm as planned but had trouble tracking where I was when going into the 2nd verse. Solution: remove the crash cymbals and simplify the piano in the jam. Its obvious when you are back to the intro riff after hitting the transition (the crash cymbals come back - 2x through the riff and you’re singing).

This recrafted .sng file (with advice from Persist) is compatible with a variety of BBM versions. Others have posted similar work in years past - lots of kind assistance from people like Persist and Mr Flood among others.

Great energy with this Hendrix/Mayer bass driven style. The performance notations we use are on the cheat sheet. I am a fan of Mr Flood’s work and the PBass from his recent kits was poached for this one and grafted to an older Rock with Bass kit (Aashideacon’s work?). The drumkit is included (Rock with Bass_MPB).

I use ‘Box’ instead of ‘Dropbox’ (less annoying) and file size is appropriate. Otherwise same as before.

All_Along_Watchtower.sng (14.8 KB)


Thanks for posting Cygnus. I’m anxious to try this one out. But I can’t get the download to load into Beatbuddy - I just get a parsing error. Anyone else have the same issue? Can you take a look and perhaps rezip the file?
Thanks much!

Sorry to hear that. I just did a quick check - downloaded the file direct from the post, unzipped and imported the .sng. All seems in order. Was it the .sng, the ,drm or both you did not get loaded into BBMgr? I’m assuming you are using the Manager not direct via USB which I don’t do from my MAC.

Just tried it again this evening. The drm file loads into BB Manager just fine and plays nice with other songs. But I’m still getting the same parsing error when I try to import the sng file. Let’s see if anyone tries it and has or doesn’t have the same problem.

I could not get the song (windows version) to load into my manager either.
Warning - A part of the file was not used by parser. The unused size is 5724.Parsing error file contains more data than expected (47104 vs 41380). I hope this helps


I am getting the same parsing error on my end. Try to export the song, and post it by itself.

Glad you were able to sort it out and re-upload. Imports and works fine now.

Got it…Nice work…thanx

love it! That song was my very first “with bass” song, first of many! One of these days, I should repost all the ones i’ve done…


The bass line drives the song and is one of my all time favorites. We tried but couldn’t support the energy without it. Much like Comfortably Numb coming back into the fold only after Phil in KY added the arpeggiated synth part.

BTW when I started my BB journey years ago it was aashideacon posts that played a central role in getting me started.


Hey there - Little late to download and it now says it’s Southern Man (another great song). Any way to reshare Watchtower?

Apologies…some days obviously just go like that. Clearly I had trouble juggling (only) 2 things at once.

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