Updated v2 library as per instructions, now how do I get my own 400 songs back in?

I have updated v2 library as per instructions. Wow, what a long task!
Now how do I get my own 400 songs back in?

Did you export the folders from your 400-song project(s)? If so, use the BBM to import all of your folders.

If you didn’t export your folders but you have a copy of your 400-song project, use the BBM to open that project and export all folders to your desktop. Then open the project you want them in and import those folders.

If your old projects have default folders and songs content, no need to export and then import as you should already have those as a part your new project.

I did export everything to a folder before I started the process. I’ve tried importing the folders within the songs folder but BBM wont let me, plus I cant even tell what folder is what as the folders all have file names like 0B012D4C that mean nothing to me.
I do have my projects including all my own songs in folders on SD cards but don’t want to risk losing anything or mixing old kits and stuff back in, so I want to do this without resorting to using whats on my SD cards, and just bring back in from what I exported before starting the v2 process.

You apparently did not export the folders from BBM using File>Export>Folder. If you did, you would have .pbf files with your folder names. It appears that you copied the folder from within your computer’s file system. You’ll need to load the project from one of your other backups and then properly export the folders. Then you’ll import the folders into your new project. All file management for the BB is done using Beat Buddy Manager. If you instead try to use your computer’s OS to manage BB files, you will end up with an unusable mess.

What Phil_Flood says.

If you’ve saved your projects to your bbworkspace, you won’t have to depend on your SD cards. If you’ve lost or deleted the projects that should be on your computer (and to be accessed only via the BeatBuddy Manager), then you may be SOL.

May be time to read thru the user guide again?