Updating MM firmware

I’ve spent some time looking for the answer but can’t find it. When I try to update MM firmware (I’m currently at 1.06) through the app it hangs up on ‘in progress’. I’ve validated Bluetooth is connected. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey there, is it totally stuck on in progress? It does take some time.

Also, what version of the app are you using?

The app says cadence-12 at the bottom, is that the version? It was stuck on in progress for 30 minutes at the longest without the bar moving when I finally closed it

@BossRotten Are you still having issues with the Maestro being stuck in the updating process? If so, please email me at support@singularsound.com and we will get your unit replaced. Please link this page’s discussion in the email so I can see the context. Thanks.

Thanks! I sent an email