Updating to 1.6.4 help please.

HI, I use my BB most nights for gigs so I cant afford to have it “down” … I cant find any tutorial on updating manager version so a couple of questions.

  1. Will this enable 500+ note songs?
  2. Will it just update my existing BB manager ( currently V1.5 I think ) leaving all content intact as is OR will it set up a new empty one and therefore force me to import all of my kits, beats, set lists and song imports again ?
  3. I have all of my downloaded stuff saved on my computer of course in the original download files but should I also do a backup ( how? ) of my existing settings ( 1.5 ) ??
  4. Is there anything else I need to know before I do this ?
  1. yes
  2. make a note of where your existing workspace and project are. i4)f the new version doesn’t find them, just point it to the workspace location.
  3. the answer to “backup?” is always “yes!” :slight_smile:
  4. i think you’ll be happy with the new version, just make sure you do 2) and 3)

Is there anything that needs to be done to existing songs to take full advantage of the bass note cut-off capabilities? Thanks again for all your help, support and contribution to song list.

Some people are doing this already, but if you want to do it yourself, it’s just a few steps. For each non percusion instrument in your drum kit (like each bass note), set the choke to 0. Choking was the old way of stopping a note. It stops the note when it sees another note with the same choke number. Set Instrument Type to Non Percussion. This makes the player respect note offs. Now, you can stop a note without having to play another note! This means snappy tight basslines! And, bass chords if you want!

Thanks, an explanation even I can understand. You guys are awesome.

just finished backing up my ‘sets’ & the ‘project’ I’m working with …
Saving 53 gigs deleting project space from the beginning of BB history … wow !
( the ‘resolved’ momentary/latching pedal issue mostly !)
Will start loading new firmware & BB mgr tonight !
Hooray, Beat Buddy ! (Y)

Did everthing here, but non of my songs play well on my pedal. They sound great and perfect bass note cut offs on BBM but on the FW bass lines come out as polyphonic, no cut offs. Had to reset back to choke 2 and percussion. As if I didnt update at all. Any ideas?

I’m wondering the same thing…

Am I missing something that should be working with BB Mgr 1.6.4 + BB 1.8.5 firmware to get non-percussion base notes to play correctly from the beatbuddy, or maybe it currently only works when playing on the computer with BB Mgr 1.6.4, and we need a future BB firmware update to add the logic (i.e. non-percussion instrument types + no choke group + recognize and play back midi note on and off) into the beat buddy…

I was told there will be a new FW 1.9.4. I’d already tried the beta version but still bass lines sounds polyphonic on pedal. I still don’t get the logic why other people re-upload their songs based on the latest BBM and FW if the bass lines don’t come out correctly on the pedal YET till we get the proper FW that works with it. I’m just probably missing something here.

It was meant to come out at the same time, but this is vacation season, so it got a little out of sync :slight_smile:

All good aash. I rolled back to 1.8.5 then re-installed 1.9.4 beta. Bass lines sounds really good from the pedal now. Although, this Tap Tempo starts coming on and off the screen by itself again. Find it hard to press play. Had this issue before. Thanks so much aash…

Ok, we should have this feature out in the next firmware update