Upgrade firmware from older versions

In the (video) tutorial there is no mention of the reference version on which the firmware version 2.0.4 should be installed.

I have version 1.2.9, so I suppose I have to upgrade first to some intermediate version(s) before I can use the latest on. Were can I find the necessary information?

You don’t have to do incremental upgrades. Just download 2.0.4 and copy the 5 file to the top level of your SD card. Use your computer slot reader—not the USB cable method.

OK, that was quick! Thanks and… I cross my fingers ;>))

I’v just installed the latest firmware and it seems to work! Thanks for the swift reply!!

I think it could be usefull for others to mention it in the tutorial and on the website that one can upgrade from whatever older version.

Greetings from far-far-away Belgium!

Curious as to why you say don’t use the USB cable method? I used the USB cable and it seems to have worked. Should I avoid that in the future and use an SD card reader instead? Thanks.

The USB cable seems to be a hit and miss deal for many users. If you have a slot reader on your computer, it’s faster and generally more reliable. If the USB cable is working for you, that’s good. :slight_smile: If you ever run into trouble being able to update or Sync a Project to an SD card and you were using the USB cable method, try using the slot reader and see if that resolves the problem.

@persist good info. Thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all these noob questions.

And what if you don’t have an SD card reader on your computer?

[INDENT]Use the USB cable method. If that causes problems, consider borrowing or buying an external card reader. Of course if you have one of the newer Mac laptops, you could sell it to me at a deep discount :)[/INDENT]

Thanks, although just after I hit the send on this I found my card reader. (Doah!)
It never pays to take yourself too seriously.
At least I found it before I asked my wife.