Upgrading footswitch hardware

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade my footswitch by changing the latching switches to momentary switches? Many thanks

If it is a BeatBuddy switch, you might contact them for an upgrade. I found a local industrial electronics supply house that had some heavy duty momentary switches and mounted them in an aluminum project box ( stomp box) wired to a TRS jack. It involved drilling and soldering, both of which I am equipped to handle and I’m quite experienced with the process. There was a schematic posted here on the forum a while back. It should be a piece of cake for a guitar tech to do for you. I actually didn’t save any money doing it myself but I had the box and jack already. The switches were around twenty five bucks for two locally. Add the box , the jack and the cable and you might as well get it from Singular.

Here’s a thread that might help:http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/latching-versus-momentary-type-foot-switch.6594/#post-27591