Upgrading to premium library after setting up midi song selection - bad idea?


First post.

I am just about to start setting up midi song changes using the original SD library but I’m also thinking about buying the premium library at some point. From what I can see from the midi xls file that I found in the search here, I am basically telling the BB to move to a particular folder, so my question is this - am I better upgrading to the premium library first and then going through midi controller set up as the folder order is going to get adjusted and knock it out of whack? i.e. the midi controller change is going to move to folder 3 and that’s now something else after upgrading?


Just my opinion but, if you are going to buy the Premium Content Library (PLC), it might be better to hold off on making the MIDI song changes until you’ve acquired the PLC and do your work once instead of twice.

Thank you for your reply! Ok this confirms what I was thinking thank you. I’ll get the SD card set up the way I want it first, then look at the midi control and save my self having to redo the work.

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