Uploading from Pedal to BB Manager... leaving out songs

BB Manager has lost 20 songs in one folder. The items in the folder are in alphabetical order, and everything after the letter “I” is missing. All other folders are fine.

I have multiple SD cards and they all have the songs, but when I upload from the pedal, any of these cards, the upload is complete… except for those 20 files starting with “J” - “Z” in that one folder.

I’ve tried upload from pedal and direct copying of the files but it’s as though BB Manager refuses to recognize those twenty songs in the at one folder. I have two other folders with a total 160 songs that all upload fine… except those 20 in that one folder. Again, I’ve used 4 different SD Cards that have all the songs(including the missing 20).

Any ideas on why BB manager either refuses to upload them… OR… It just won’t display them?


Don’t know if you’ve hit the limits in that one folder . . . .
99 songs to a folder
99 folders to a project

One of my personal folders has 99 songs in it, and it uploads fine, as does another with about 50 songs, but in the 3rd personal folder, nothing past the middle. The songs were lost in BB manager somehow but I have no idea how that happened, but I have cards with all the songs, but when I upload, it still ignores the ones it has lost. I’ve renamed files reloaded, multiple cards, etc. It’s as though after they got deleted somehow in BB manager, BB manager will no longer recognize those songs.

I imported two songs that I had on the computer into that folder and reloaded from the pedal… the ones I had put in there were also gone. It just refused to recognize those 20 songs. I thought maybe someone had see this before. I’ve been using this stuff for several years and have never see this.


If anyone on the forum has seen this problem, I’m sure they’ll chime in.

Meanwhile, do any of the names of those songs in that folder contain special (non-alphabet) characters? If so, that could also be a cause of your problem. If you’d like me to try to replicate the issue on my system let me know.

No special characters, these songs have been in use for the 6 months. Somehow they were deleted (but I don’t remember anything that happened and I didn’t delete anything) I can’t believe they don’t upload because I’ve even just copied all the folders into BB manager and that works… except for those 20 songs. It’s as if it just refuses to display them in BB manager.

I’m going to have to rebuild them or I can’t update my pedal anymore or I will lose those songs. I can rebuild them but I would like to understand this in case it happened again and it’s maybe 50 songs the next time.

I keep lots of backups but they aren’t helping where these 23 files are. ( I said 20 but it’s actually 23 files.)

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