Upside Down - Jack Johnson

Sure would love for one of the wizards to crank this one out. Seems like a five-part song would work well; Part 1 would be percussion only, Part 2 is percussion plus drums, Part 3 is light percussion (bongos, maybe?), Part 4 is a clone of part two, and Part 5 is a clone of Part 3.

I’m currently using the stock Brazilian Bossa Nova beat at 204BPS, which I slightly modified as a two-parter, and it works fairly well, but frankly I just don’t have the skills to nail this thing.

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Try this just some beats cut from a midi.Midis included if they suit you can arrange them to suit your needs.

Wow, nicely done, and fast! Thanks a lot. BTW, I am technically pretty sharp, but not a lot of experience with MIDI. Can you steer me to a place or a freeware app that (while keeping thngs simple) can get me n the path to making my own MIDI files. BB Manager and BeatBuilder are helpful in some ways, but I think I would do better with a dedicated MIDI program. I just don’t want the complexity of some of the full-blown editors.

I’ve only used Reaper and think it’s excellent.It may be one of the full-blown editors you mention but as a tradie with no tech knowledge I found it easy enough to get my head around.Im sure others will have other suggestions.

I found this one works good…
David’s Beats…In My Place, at 103 bpm!

Ha, thank you for responding. I ended up making one myself that works well for me. But thanks you anyhow.