Upside Down - Jack Johnson

Sure would love for one of the wizards to crank this one out. Seems like a five-part song would work well; Part 1 would be percussion only, Part 2 is percussion plus drums, Part 3 is light percussion (bongos, maybe?), Part 4 is a clone of part two, and Part 5 is a clone of Part 3.

I’m currently using the stock Brazilian Bossa Nova beat at 204BPS, which I slightly modified as a two-parter, and it works fairly well, but frankly I just don’t have the skills to nail this thing.

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Try this just some beats cut from a midi.Midis included if they suit you can arrange them to suit your needs.

Wow, nicely done, and fast! Thanks a lot. BTW, I am technically pretty sharp, but not a lot of experience with MIDI. Can you steer me to a place or a freeware app that (while keeping thngs simple) can get me n the path to making my own MIDI files. BB Manager and BeatBuilder are helpful in some ways, but I think I would do better with a dedicated MIDI program. I just don’t want the complexity of some of the full-blown editors.

I’ve only used Reaper and think it’s excellent.It may be one of the full-blown editors you mention but as a tradie with no tech knowledge I found it easy enough to get my head around.Im sure others will have other suggestions.

I found this one works good…
David’s Beats…In My Place, at 103 bpm!

Ha, thank you for responding. I ended up making one myself that works well for me. But thanks you anyhow.

Another option for this song is ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ from The Rolling Stones Premium Collection. BPM around 200-204. Just keep it on Part 1 and the stock fills work pretty well.