URGENT! How to Set Up Midi Commands in Onsong for BB song selection

This is not working for me anymore. Have updated BB firmware to latest - below are the ‘latest’ instructions I got from SS, but nothing happens (i know that Onsong is communicating with BB because the tempos do change and it’s also changing songs on aeros)…
What is best/easiest way to set up midi events in onsong to pull up the right song (any song!) on Beat Buddy now?
PLEASE HELP - gig tonight!
Thank you!

Let’s say we want Blues 1 for example (location: 2nd folder, 1st song in that folder), here is what you need to send from OnSong:

Type: Control
Control #: 32
Value: 1

That is its own command, that’s for the folder itself. You complete that one and set it up. After that is on the list of MIDI events, you create another MIDI event.

Type: Program
Program #: 1
Bank MSB: IGNORE, do not touch.
Bank LSB: IGNORE, do not touch.

Save that command.

Now you should have two separate MIDI commands (or “events”) in a row on your OnSong MIDI events screen for that song on OnSong. The one on top is the control CC-32 command the one right after is the Program command. For purpose of testing and making sure this works, let’s make sure that these are the only commands being listed there.

Hey there,

When you say you’re on latest for BB what version do you mean?


this started becuase after updating about 2-ish months ago, I started getting an error on the Aeros when songs would load (i had sent photo and video of this). it would say there was no song, then it would load.

I was told that I should have the MSB set to ‘none’ in the Onsong midi event that selects the BB song. That did make the error stop, but with that set to none, the BB song would not update.

I was then also given that alternate 2-part midi event for doing the BB song selection, but that does not work at all

I have gone back and if I put the MSB on the BB midi back to 0, the correct BB song loads. I get the error messages again, but at least everything works.

I do the midi events for BB song selection as Program . I use the LSB to select the BB folder and I use the program # to select the BB song. MSB set to 0

so… for the moment, i at least have it working for gig tonight (althought the messages are time consuming, annoying, and not really confidence-inspiring).
Do you think It would matter if I updated the Onsong app to the new 2023 version? I’m currently using the 2020 version

Please make sure that the BeatBuddy is set to Aeros Mode in the Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In > PC settings if you want it to ignore MSB and only use LSB to select folders

If you want the Aeros to stop saying this, just go to the MIDI In settings and go to the Filter. In the filter settings, filter PC. This should stop the message from coming up. This will also disable song select on the Aeros.

If not, have you tried reverting to 4.1.3 to see if that fixes the issue? This way you can play your show and we figure this out soon.

We always advise against updating firmware on the day of a show (even if not beta)! There is always potential for something to change or go wrong somewhere.

Let me know what works


Easiest way in OnSong is to type also midi commands with editor under the metadata into one single line. Comma separates different midi commands.
Tempo: sends the tempo to Beatbuddy and no need to create separate midi command for that.
Example below, This midi command below selects the 1st song in 1st folder using channel 1. Second command changes the drumset from default. And 3rd midi command is to select Line5 M6 memory bank.

Friday On My Mind
George Young
Key: Em
Tempo: 165
Duration: 02:20
(Blues 1)
MIDI: 0.0:0@0, CC116:37@0, 1.1:4@4