Usable beats instead of the "world" and "Latin" tunes

Please post in English, Omar so that we can try to help you. Thanks

Amigos de casualidad han escrito mas ritmos de salsa y son cubano?

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Y lo diego especialmente por el tipo de clave ya sea en 3/2 o 2/3

Hi, Beto. Please post in English so that all users can understand what you’re asking for. Thanks

Friends you have tried written more salsa and Cuban rhythms ?
And I say this especially for the clave type 3/2 or 2/3

Have you tried this in BBM, it seems to me that the instrument numbers in the midi file don’t map onto any of the drum kits in BBM.[ATTACH]8771[/ATTACH] See the screenshot attached with the World Percussion kit, similar result with Latin 1.2 kit.