Usable beats instead of the "world" and "Latin" tunes

I help lead praise and worship in our church, and i love and appreciate all the christian songs! But we lack a driving Cumbia beat for the spanish songs that we mix in to get folks dancing. Something with some drive behind it, hoping someone actually has something si!milar or could create something easily. I am a beatbuddy fan and have downloaded and used many of the things shared, i’m praying someone has a little time to help out with this. Hoping for something similar to the Kumbia Kings or old school Selena, Or any actual song that would come out on the radio. Not looking for flamenco or the other “latin” beats that are in sets or have been posted. Something like the drums in this:

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried the songs in the Brazilian folder?

I did play with those some, the closest sound I found for the beat probably came from techno, but the actual rhythms were not very similar at all. But that is where I discovered that the techno beats were great for songs by Big Daddy Weave like “the only name”. Someone posted the song “smooth” by Santana, and it had a good feel with the backing instruments but it didn’t have the same kick and push that make people want to get up and praise. Where could I go to look up midi files? If I found some I’m sure that would help and maybe I could go back through your post and figure out how to make a beat and then share it with others. By the way, thank you Psalms, your videos helped me learn the beat buddy and have made making set list for church and retreats so much easier!

Try this with the Latin drumset. Have you downloaded the Beatbuilder? It’s pretty easy to use but I’m new at this and I don’t know all the tricks. When I used it for this song, I couldn’t hear the congas/shakers when I listened in the application. But once you save the file and play it in the Beatbuddy manager you can hear those by changing to the Latin drumset.

I’d like to get more styles like: Los Bukis, Selena, Los Mier, Bronco, Tropicalisimo Apache, etc. For now, the Colombiana was the simplest.
I don’t get to mess with the BB as much as I’d like due to work/school. Hopefully that gets you started.
Hasta luego!

Thank you mrii89! That’s perfect, I can work with that and I’ll look at adding some stuff to it as well. I agree, some stuff that fits with Bronco and Selena would also be a good addition. If I can get to it before you do, then I’ll be sure to post it here and see share with you as well. I appreciate the help! Thanks again!

Hey mrii89, have you heard the new downloadable content from the Drums with Percussion? It’s almost got a great Cumbia feel and beat, but they choose to release it in a funky time signature instead of a straight 4/4. So close, yet so far…

Thanks for the song… and im looking for a Cumbia Percussion like this…

Any Advice? Thanks a Lot…

Even something like this would also be a good edition… I keep waiting for something to pop up in the premium content @BeatBuddy Support[/USER] with cumbia beats, salsa beats, reggaeton beats… This are great additions to Christian Praise songs for what I do with my church. Something like this song below would be awesome. [USER=1404]@mrii89 did a great job with that first share for Como te voy a olvidar… we just need more like all of these styles!

PLEASE we need cumbia and bachata beats !!! i tried to do cumbia with the latin folder preset 1 ,and is not too bad but i need a real colombian feel beat please beat buddy make some beats WE ARE READY TO PAY FOR DOWNLOAD

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These are pretty basic, but they might help you until something better comes along.

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Search Resources. I’ve started to post salsa and cumbia songs. Unless I can find the chords & lyrics, I won’t include anything but the midi source file with the song.


where do i download the NP Standard Pro Bass ?? i think the link is down

  • Mod SuperBassG or Mod Standard Pro Bass drum set = NP Standard Pro Bass

muchas gracias amigo

Con mucho gusto!

Hola… no encontre un ritmo de cumbia que me hiciera sentir bien, entonces me puse a editar unos beats con el Editor y logre esto, espero les sirva.

I use a beatbuddy presets and made modifications in the editor

CUMBIA_1 (Use Standard Pro Drumset)
CUMBIA_2 and CUMBIA_3 (Use Latin Drumset)

i hope it works for you.


Hey, I found this. Enjoy!

Could you upload all the files again please? I get an error in the download.:frowning:

Disculpa hermano puedes volver a subir los archivos? Aparece error en la descarga :frowning: