USB connection problem?

Sometimes when I plug in my Beatbuddy, the screen goes dark. When I unplug the power chord and reconect it everything is fine. It happens when I plug in the mini USB at the pedal first and also when I plug the cable in at the computer USB first. It doesn’t happen all the time. So is it possible that there is something wrong with my beatbuddy?
What is the correct sequence in connecting the pedal to a computer?

do you have a mac? the old usb drivers in the pedal’s firmware didn’t support mac usb, but i never connect the pedal via usb. my interaction between computer and pedal is entirely via sd card. however, the next firmware might provide a fix for that, but if you use the sd card it makes more sense.

Happens to me everytime. If I have my beatbuddy on, anytime I plug the usb in it turns off and I need to turn it off then on again. I also seem to have alot of problems with the plug and sometimes bumping the pedal will cause it to turn off. I have tried different power supplies and same thing.

I have a PC. I don’t have a card reader, that’s why I’m connecting the pedal. Is there a chance that I could harm it?

This is a hardware issue. Your BeatBuddy short circuits when it connects via USB to your computer. We will replace it for you. Email linking to this forum thread, and we will provide you with further details.

This shouldn’t be happening either. Email linking to this thread, and we will replace it for you.