USB connection to PC

My USB connection is not being recognized by my PC.
What am I doing wrong? The card works fine, but the USB is not being recognized by my PC.

Please tell us what computer OS you are using as well as the version of the BeatBuddy Manager and the pedal firmware.

Windows 10 (x64)
8.0 GB RAM
BeatBuddy 1.5.0

BB version in my pedal reads FIRM-1.4.1

I don’t know what I did but my computer just recognized the pedal. Maybe it worked with the card in it. I might have had the card out of the pedal the last time. I believe everything is ok now…
Sorry for the trouble…:rolleyes:

NP. Glad you got it sorted out o_O

I have this problem since this morning.

I have the latest FW !

I worked with BB most of the day yesterday without any problems doing editing with the BBM but now my PC ( Win 7 SP1 64bit ) just don’t want to recognize BB anymore.

I have uninstalled the drivers but that didn’t resolve the problem.

Also tried with another card.

Hi Tobbe. From your post and a previous one, it sounds like you have your BB pedal connected via USB cable to your computer. If this is correct, have you tried restarting your computer? Unplug your USB cable on both ends and restart both BB and computer. You can also try another USB cable.

If you plug your SD card directly into your computer, does it recognize the SD card?

I solved it by pulling the power plug on the BB and now it works again !