USB Hell - A Royal pain in the ass

So I made this drumset which sounds great in BBM but when I try to sync, it says it’s already up to date ( Which it is not ! ) ???

I have tried just about everything but nothing has resolved this problem.

Turned BB off and On
Formated card
When I tried the suggested export to Pedal, BBM hangs every time :frowning:

Of all the great features of BB the USB connectivity sure isn’t one of them :frowning:

Why do I have to plug in the USB connector every single time I am editing something ?
Why cant it be connected all the time like my other devices ?
I am just about to wear out my USB connector on my PC!

Now I am stuck with a totally useless BB :frowning:

BBM 1.6 latest
BB Latest FW


Bought a new SDHC card

Formated it

Export to pedal > No Problem > Everything works great !

Copied all of the files on the newly formatted card to the old faulty one.

Old card works perfect again ???

USB makes me nervous :wink:

The USB connector has got to be the worlds most stupid connector and the people who designed it should get a whack in the head .

Could be worse, Tobbe. Could have to contend with SCSI, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Lightning, Bluetooth, USB 2, USB 3, and now ta-da, USB C?

Choose your poison carefully :smiley:

If I had a dollar every time I put an USB connector the wrong way I’d be a millionaire by now :slight_smile:
It is really the most stupid designed connector I have ever used !
There is a 50 % chance you get it right and even if you have it placed in the right way it still might feel wrong so you turn it 180 and then it is really wrong and you have to turn it 180 again :wink:

Those people who engineered it must have missed the user friendliness class :slight_smile:

For information, I am usin a XYSTEG USB 4 Hub (hope it is okay to name the brand, since I tried other Hubs, which does not act that way…), that has switches for every USB. That way I am just connecting this Hub to my Labtop, and connecting BB, Kemper, Little Giant and Boss SY300 to that Hub. When I switch the Hub for BB, BB gets disconnected/connected (the other Hubs I tried just disconnected the USB power, but the BB remained connected…)
BB is plugged all the time, but is only in USB mode, when I switch its button on.

But like mentioned, the different Hubs (Brands) not behave all the same.