USB Host Device

Is it possible to plug a USB keyboard or controller into the Aeros so that Midi commands can be sent in? Or are midi commands only received via the midi port? Thanks,

I don’t believe the usb on the aeros does anything just like the expression input… (yet anyways).

OK thanks so my best option for adding my own non-pedal style midi controller is to find one that has a midi-out rather than USB.

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Hey there, if you have a computer set up you could send messages from keyboard to your computer and use a MIDI out on an interface or a MIDI to USB to get those commands to Aeros. The only issue is depending on the means of your connections there could be lag so I would not suggest using this for clock if you use MIDI to USB cabling.

Right now the best way to control the Aeros is with MIDI pedals like our MIDI Maestro