USB Midi?

I have an Apollo interface with no midi out. Can I send midi clock from my laptop (Ableton) into Aeris looper via USB?

No, the USB port on the Aeros is not currently utilized. But you could use a USB to 5-pin converter, or connect 5-pin via another midi device.

Hey there, yeah I see your point, I use an x4. You would need to use a USB to MIDI converter sent from your computer to connect the Aeros to your session on you DAW.

Luckily I had one spare. It worked thanks

That is the simple solution but can actually cause some issues: One problem that may arise is Jitter, small alterations of the MIDI clock stream that can cause the Aeros to behave erratically once receiving the clock. You may need a dedicated MIDI interface to improve this if you are experiencing this problem.